Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)


The lunch everyone has been waiting for! I hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend and also take care of yourself. Please enjoy the video!

**(Thai, Korean, English Subs)**

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  1. thank u soooooooooo much for this lovely video u all look stunning 😘😘i am big lisa fan 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇰

  2. if y’all wondering if it’s not her… IT IS HER… if you want, you can compare her hands, rings, and nails on Lisa’s Instagram pictures😗🤟

  3. Does anybody know what that chocolate mousse thing is called? I googled "chocolate mousse clay like texture" and all it returned was regular choc mousse.

  4. i dont stan clc but ive been supporting them since their comeback "me" and i must say elkie is so soft and cute i wanna just squish )): also im a fan of gidle and blackpink and seeing them all together and just hanging out and being friends ends all of the fandom wars and hates. let's spread love!!💗

  5. Guys, calm down. 'Produsorn' earns money and since Sorn is still under CUBE Entertainment, she must have a special contract with CUBE to let her do Youtube while her public image is owned by her company. Don't blame a company or another, it's part of contracts, since Idol are public figure, their image has worth and this happens not only in Korean Entertainments but also all around the world. So, it's the same with Lisa and YG. In this situation Minnie and Elkie are also from CUBE so it's ok to show their faces but Lisa, being under YG must have a special contract to show her face in a Youtube channel that earns money. Some contracts are easier than other, and some are less expensive than others. It's a given to figure out that big Company like YG or SM, (especially with their most popular artist) will not let the value of their idol slide. Lisa is a big name, I know that while not being a BLINK (I appreciate Blackpink songs tho). It's easier for Sorn to not show Lisa's face on her channel instead of going through her company asking for Lisa's company the condition for showing her face on her channel (just to film in a restaurant for few minutes). YG obviously will refuse a free-pass when it comes to Lisa. The only time it can happens if its companies are in good terms with each others or if the idol in concern is not that popular and it will give him public attenton and we all know that's not Lisa's case.


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