The Beguiled Official Trailer #1 – Clint Eastwood Movie (1971) HD


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The Beguiled Trailer – Directed by Don Siegel and starring Clint Eastwood, Charlie Briggs, George Dunn, Charles Martin, Matt Clark. During the civil war, injured Yankee soldier, John McBurney is rescued on the verge of death by a teenage girl from a southern boarding school. She manages to get him back to the school, and at first the all-female staff and pupils are scared. As he starts to recover, one by one he charms them and the atmosphere becomes filled with jealousy and deceit.

Universal – 1971


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  1. ive just watched the full uncut movie and the moral of the movie is : you bring in a man and you bring in Trouble!

  2. I dont hate this movie or anything but when i saw him pick up that turtle of hers and threw it and hurt it! It really got to me cause im high functioning autistic and i love animals and turtles! I always hated seeing that part! I know its a movie but i would never do anything to a animal like that ever! That scene still gets and hurts me! 🙁

  3. They did not really have the grasp yet on how to shoot a trailer eh? Its amazing anyone went to watch movies back then watching these clips.

  4. One of Eastwood's best. The movie did badly at the box-office perhaps because it was a rare nasty role for him. He does get to work with two great actresses – Page and Hartman.

  5. テレビで日本語版を昔観て驚きました。オープニングから普通の戦争映画かと思ったんですが、どうも違うようだ、と見続けるうちにどんどん惹きつけられていく自分に気づきました。クリントイーストウッドが役柄にピッタリでした。女優陣も皆魅力的でした。不思議な空気に包まれて、圧巻のラストでした。

  6. This was quite a different subject matter for both Clint Eastwood and Don Siegel. Probably their most original and subversive collaboration.

  7. I just watched the 2017 remake I didn’t like it ,lacks in a lot of things it needed to be darker more sex , jealousy and drama to justify the killing,but no also the Black Woman was missing,and the 2 male actors,I’ll have to see this one. Two stars ⭐️ for the remake.

  8. I was so fascinated by the staircase in this original version of the movie. It was almost a character in the movie. In looking at the pictures of Ashland/Belle Helene, the real plantation where this movie was filmed, I didn't think that the staircase design looked nearly so intriguing.

  9. I think even less of collin whatever his name is now. Damned you hollywood! You'd think someone could write a new story to make profits?

  10. These women wanted him real bad. They should have divided him and kept a piece of him for each one if they were so desperate.


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