THE ONE THE ONLY – League of Angels 2


RAID to continue tomorrow… In the meantime enjoy this showcase of this awesome account in League of Angels 2 😀
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Discord: (IncredibleJohn #1234)
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Intro song: Altaer ft. Jesse Cochran

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  1. It is impressive how long John Player has played the game and not get bored of it. I find that more impressive then the amount of money he had to spend to get this far. Such dedication!!! Thumbs up.

  2. Hello and welcome.
    I'm your biggest follower.
    I wish I could be a friend of yours. I'm from Egypt.
    And play this game like you.
    And I don't know some things about it.
    I'd appreciate you charging me some topaz.
    To be as strong as you are.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you🤗

  3. Really good video , we are waiting your comeback ! haha ! Servers 1900-2000 are activ , you should create a new account 🙂

  4. Hi john hope you come back to the game i just came back to the game i had account from 2016 when i just came back i recharged 10$ on it i was free player then i thoughht why not create new acc and start over with recharging and tomorrow im gonna be like 400m br or more and im only lv 61 started with the acc today 😄 so what are your thoughts?

  5. Mastery stones was an error from Developers. in Limited Giftpack they had them and I took them by error, can't do anything with them except burn in furnace

  6. all the money he had to spend.. i think we are running up in john player could have bought an entire house if he got all hes recharge money back.


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