THE PLATFORM NETFLIX REVIEW | Double Toasted – Today we’re talking about one of the movies on Netflix that is helping out with the concept of having to be shut in your house, getting your entertainment mostly from streaming. We’ve talked about Netflix movies in the past, most notably You, The Witcher, and other movies and TV series on Netflix in 2018, 2019, and now! With Tiger King taking over the internet the last week, we have something else you guys may take a gander at! The Platform, whether in dub or sub, will definitely keep your eyes busy.

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  1. In Europe Portugal particularly where I’m living people are so nasty to each other in food store lines fighting for placement to be first in line with 150$ worth of groceries and right alongside them is me with a coke and a coffee bag and these people don’t care they shove drop their canes to cut me and go in front, then proceed to take a lifetime to get through talking to person at register and I am thinking I have two items I would’ve been in and out of there minute but these people cut you like I said with hundred of dollars in groceries just to go ahead of people it’s disgusting over here.Like I said mostly the elderly Which is weird they truly will drop their canes and start walking faster than they’ve ever walked before to cut people and proceed again to take a half hour with that many groceries! Sorry for the rant but funny at times but usually it pisses me off and everyone else around

  2. i curious as to what people think of the main character and the old guy walking away acting friendly toward each other at the end. i think it is demonstrating that even after their complicated relationship, if they could exist outside the dysfunctional system (capitalism or whatever aspect of society you choose to draw connections to) they would be good friends. i guess its kinda obvious now writing it out and considering their interactions early on…

  3. Bruh, you read my mind. While you were initially talking about the combination, I immediately made the connection to cube. I'ma give you a sub, just for that lol

  4. There can be countless interpretations of this movie, but the one I landed on was religion and this "Hole" being some kind of purgatory. I think each lvl "tests" you on how well you manage survival on it and, depending on your result, you get sent higher or lower.
    What pushed me towards this conclusion was the number of floors. 333 is too much of a special number to just be a coincidence.

  5. Telenovelas are notorious for only showing White Latinos & White Hispanics. I hope this series shows plenty of Latinos of color & Hispanics of color in a humane light.
    Looking at you Afro-Latino actors.

  6. I remember the short movie this is based off of and I saw a couple of months ago on YouTube. It was an interesting short movie and I’m glad there’s a movie to expand on its meaning.

  7. Great review. We are the two people on YouTube who has seen this. It is Dubbed on Netflix. Saw it dubbed with subtitles too.

  8. As for me I wouldn’t say Netflix Dubs are bad I think Dubs are bad in general To most people of course when it comes to foreign movies the same can be said when it comes to anime shows and JRPG game personally for me I don’t think they’re all that bad although I understand because the native language is better but whenever I’m given the opportunity personally for me to pick English dubbed I”d do it simply because I would prefer not reading subtitles a Not that I have an issue with it it’s just quicker to understand without having to look down on the screen all the time and for me I don’t let it bother me but that’s just my opinion

  9. Capitalism definitely has it's downsides, as there will always be greedy people in tne world, but history books and even a few modern countries show us the death toll any other system inevitably brings. I don't trust anyone to do the right thing but me, and in a capitalist society we are free to do what we want. Socialism always, 100% of the time, leads to fascism. It may be years and years after it's implemented, but either the system buckles and breaks, or the wrong people end up taking charge and not doing the right thing. Either way, people suffer. It's really amazing to me how all these people who claim to be antfacsist want socialism. They are either ignorant of history and the holocaust of bodies that system has left behind, or they are dumb enough to think it will be different somehow.
    I definitely believe we can adopt more and better social programs like some countries in Europe that people like Bernie Sanders points to and claims they are socialist, but they aren't. They are capitalist countries with, well, what I just said, better social programs lol

    It kind of sounds like the movie thinks it's about capitalism but is really about socialism. In a socialist society, we would be trusting that those in charge give us what we need. So who is providing their food? The people in the prison are relying on those in charge to even put the food there, but it is up to the higher up inmates to take their share and do the right thing–so the high class inmates are in charge of making sure enough food gets to those below them.
    Lmao sounds like the filmmakers are too dumb to see how this more represents socialism. I still need to watch it, but damn lol

    I think we have a self-burn on our hands lol

  10. The dub in this isnt as bad as the dub in that russian movie called "the guardians." Lol. Its almost like a russian rip off of the avengers. 😆

  11. If you guys are doing some reviews on Netflix's foreign stuff, I'd love to see talk about the Korean zombie series they have, "Kingdom"

  12. "When the chips are down, these "civilized people" will eat each other". "I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curb"

  13. You don't even have to use subtitles. I didn't even realize the movie was foreign language until like 15 minutes in, the dub was good enough so I just rocked with it. Plus I don't like the sound of the Spanish and German languages.

  14. Billy is wearing the hat with the logo of the new Mortal Kombat movie set to be released next year. Showing love and support for his brother who is in the movie.

  15. I didn't even noticed this was dubbed. I watched this on Netflix and it was played in English by default. maybe korey needs to adjust his settings. I didn't finish listening to the review yet… but I think that him watching it with subtitles makes him think the movie was smarter than it actually was.

  16. IF everyone had of just eaten their favorite dish they would have survived . They asked what was your favorite dish at the beginning and there is enough food for 666 people 2 per level.


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