The Road to PS5 – Official PlayStation Presentation


PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

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  1. Сильно Разочаровала PlayStation 5 а конкретно графика. PS-5 будет включать в себя всего лишь 36 исполнительных блоков , что даст всего 2304 потоковых процессора Это уровень видеокарты RX 5700. Новый Xbox Series X гораздо мощнее. Графика Xbox получит 52 вычислительных блока, (а не 36 как PS-5) что означает наличие 3328 потоковых процессоров. А это больше чем у RTX 2080 SUPER с 3072 потоковых процессоров.

  2. Holy crap I came to see if it's better than the xbox one series and I get a whole damn lecture of science and technology

  3. What im getting from this is sony, is how MS explainedw Xbox one and 360 games work on the one x this is nothing nee but the ssd

  4. They literally said this was a deep dive into playstation architecture and that this was supposed to be at GDC.
    Aand people are still surprised that it was actually for GDC and not for ordinary gamers

  5. Mark Cerny is going to transfer his consciousness to a machine using a bunch of PS4s like in Chappie. He'll be hosting the PS 75 two hundred years from now…


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