The Story of Bengi: The Jungle Himself


SK Telecom T1 may have been considered the favorites heading into the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, but the defending world champions were on the ropes in their semifinal match against the ROX Tigers.

Down 2-1 heading into Game 4, SKT elected to swap out their starting jungler Blank in favor of a seasoned veteran who spent most of the season riding the bench.

Already a two-time World Champion, Bengi was supposedly over the hill. Where Blank started more than 80 games for SKT, Bengi had barely played 30, and the team lost about a third of those.

The community perception of Bengi was simple: his mechanics weren’t as good as they used to be and he couldn’t play Nidalee.

But Bengi was a World Champion. And with everything on the line, SKT needed a win. They needed a new strategy, a veteran voice to show them the path to victory.

They needed the player who brought them glory at every World championship they attended.

They needed Bengi.

With Bengi in the jungle, SKT managed to pull off the comeback, winning consecutive games against the Tigers to take the series 3-2.

When the chips were down, Bengi was the guy that SKT turned to to help preserve their winning legacy. 

After all, they’ve never won Worlds without him.

This, is Bengi’s story

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  1. I remember watching a game where bengi picked lee sin and the caster went on for the whole load in about how he wasn't as good as the other lck junglers on it. Bengi rocked his world skin and then proceeded to absolutely wreck the opposing team. Have watched almost every single skt game since 2014 and have to say that the faker – bengi synergy is still the best mid jg I have ever seen.

  2. I've watching this for the 38th flipping time. Now I just want more The Story of (maybe):
    Marin – His trip to the LPL and back to LCK
    Piglet – How being imported to LCS ruined his career
    Bang & Wolf – Just becuz Pray & Gorilla got one
    Or even The Story of SKT and how it became the T1 of today

  3. Has anyone considered the possibility of Bengi being used in world matches because their opponents had prepared for Blank?

  4. Faker needs Bengi to win worlds….
    that will remain a fact until Faker once again wins the worlds without bengi.

  5. Bengi was a key element to the success of Faker. I've always been in awe of their synergy, how well they played together.. That's what secured them the game. Not just Faker, Bengi as well. Their style of Bengi doing a lot of early damage and Faker sweeping in before their enemies could ever respond is legendary and has shown how important the jungler truly is in a game. Never just blame the jungler for a bad game, they do a lot more than most people could ever know.

  6. In what BO5 are the analysts talking about in the beginning?When they say "if bengi has anything to say we go to game 5"

  7. i think sometimes people think that because faker is able to pull off these incredible plays that for some reason he must also be totally flawless in other areas. When faker isn't all that amazing outside of his mechanical play, but of course his mechanical play is unmatched.

  8. After properly getting into league a couple years ago and watching skt play i loved bengis playstyle so much that i forced myself to learn jg and now im almost a one trick jungle (forcing myself now to learn other roles lol)


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