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Well here we are with another rate the supers haha a bunch of people wanted me to rate these so here I am with my personal ratings for the Nitroplus Blasters Supers! Enjoy the vid guys I might do other games that are not super popular or are anime haha

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  1. I expected more from the Demonbane, I thought the mech would beat the living crap out of people or something and not just some hand waving. Also, did the MC get smaller? I remember him being a pretty big buff guy.

  2. So uh… does anyone actually know what Sonic's does… you know… aside from forcing kids into uncomfortable conversations with their parents?

  3. Mora's is easily my favourite. Also this game is super fun as long as you don't mind a lot of bullshit in your fg

  4. “it's like million arthur”
    well.. this game was made by the same team who made million arthur prior to receiving the million arthur project from square enix


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