This is The First Mega Smart City in Viet Nam!


VINHOMES SMART CITY – The first ever World-Class SMART MEGA CITY in Viet Nam

VINHOMES SMART CITY – A Shining Diamond in the West of Ha Noi 💎💎💎
The project will follow the models of successful smart urban areas such as Singapore, Songdo of the Republic of Korea and Fujisawa of Japan.

The development’s security system will include facial recognition cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) also monitor licence plates and provide alerts about strange objects in urban areas.

It will also have an intelligent elevator system, intelligent fire protection, air quality monitoring and environmental pollution warnings.

Vinhomes Smart City will be operated intelligently a 24/7 operations centre using AI and Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor the area.

The project also aims to build a smart community with smart administration application that provides full service and utility information in urban areas, regularly updating air quality and temperature as well as humidity.

Vinhomes Smart City will be one of the leading sports parks in Southeast Asia with hundreds of gyms, children’s playgrounds and sports stadiums, a roller park, picnic park and a bike park, to name a few.

The project will feature three product lines, namely Vinhomes Sapphire, Vinhomes Ruby and Vinhomes Diamond to bring diverse choices to customers.

Hotline: 0965 885 853



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