Tom Hanks Updates fans about coronavirus: He and Rita Wilson Are Feeling Better | TODAY


“We feel better,” Tom Hanks posted to fans two weeks after he and Rita Wilson tested positive for the coronavirus. NBC’s Joe Fryer updates TODAY about other celebrities who have tested positive, including Andy Cohen and Idris Elba.
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Tom Hanks Updates fans about coronavirus: He and Rita Wilson Are Feeling Better | TODAY



  1. All of these years of predictive programming and they think we are just going to march into FEMA camps like mindless sheep. Highly mistaken. #2A has never meant more than today.

  2. Good example of how the news is kade for covering up the news. Witnesses say they were arrested. An old photo of Hanks was doctored and posted like it was recent. Other clues. Corona typewriters. Clearly. They are trying to keep the public from knowing about the numerous arrests of famous people. It was posted earlier this year who would be implicated and suddenly get the virus as a cover up. So far dead on. The "steins" are talking. Those Hollywood degenerates who have been lavished and bought are evil products. Its high time we get rid of Hollywood and all its dirt for good. The Democratic party is implicated. Not surprising since Hollywood is behind that party.

  3. Plot twisted they are playing us to believe it they had it when they really did not have it. Dont be the sheep be the wolf

  4. Here is a link to a documentary we just posted on how people from Las Vegas are coping with COVID-19

  5. How Tom hanks is feeling better . This illness has no cure … Have they been lying to save USA from blaming since bill gates and Stephen hawkings have been about new virus pandemic


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