Top 10 Best Android Mobile Games of 2016 | Games Of The Year


Ranking the best android mobile games of 2016 that are now available on the Google PlayStore to play on your smartphones and tablets.

Get these top android games now by clicking the links below:

* Alto’s Adventure (Free)
* Blades of Brim (Free)
* Burrito Bison – Launcha Libre (Free)
* Bushido Bear (Free)
* Clash Royale (Free)
* Crashlands ($4.99)
* Dan the Man (Free)
* Deus Ex Go ($1.99)
* Klocki ($0.99)
* Lost in Harmony (Free)
* Lone Wolf (17+) (Free)
* Mekorama (Free)
* Mini Metro ($4.99)
* Patchwork – The game ($2.99)
* Reigns (Free)
* Smile Inc (Free)
* Sorcery! 4 ($4.99)
* Teeny Titans ($3.99)
* The Room Three ($2.99)
* Traffic Rider (Free)

This video ranks the highest-rated Android mobile games of 2016. It is based on critic and gamer reviews from around the world that we aggregated and combined.

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