Top 10 Best Games By Tencent For Android/iOS 2019


New best Android & iOS games by Tencent 2019 I VinIsHere

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All new games published by Tencent in this year

*Each of these games are currently in Chinese language but they’ll have global (English) version soon
*Some game may require WeChat to play

Following are the games name & links:-

1)The Song Of The Dream Cloud:-

2)Ace Force:-
(undergoing beta was for limited players I got my hands on it somehow you guys have to pre-register)

3)The Outcast:- Pre-register:-

4)Soul Warrior:-
Android- (it’ll ask for update if you download from taptap so directly download it from website)

5)Game For Peace:-

6)Game Of Thrones Winter is Coming:-

7)Lego Cube:- Pre-register:-

8)JX3 Mobile:-

9)Perfect World:-

10)Dragon Raja:- English version of the game is available now go through my web page below for links & info :-




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  1. Girls frontline, azure lane, honkai impact 3rd, arknights, 7 cities forever, punishing gray raven. Love those games but I feel like they are meant for a stronger device but what did is cramp it into a phone. I don't know why but I never liked the western games even tho I live in Canada. Sorry but I think those games that is like league of legends has bad graphics and the Korean games I know elsword, closers, maplestory m, soulworker mobile is complete garbage compared to the ones on PC

  2. Eee I actually found out about Dragon Raja from this channel! It's not available in my country so i never got recommended, but I managed to install the US version a few days ago! It's been really fun, thanks so much! 😁😁

  3. the only famous Tencent game that he created known all over the world played by all gamers and PUBG there is no doubt very good game from the Same Tencent Games.

  4. Me: cool! Gonna download! *realises is in language I can't understand* Ehh… Maybe? I maybe download you? Let's see how much space you take… NOPE!

  5. Aceite minha solicitação de amizade no YouTube.

  6. As a Chinese, I want to tell you about the 4 best mobile games in this game company. I don't think you know this company very well.
    ①和平精英(pubg mobileChinese Server)
    ②王者荣耀(king of gory)
    ③穿越火线手游(Cross Fire)
    ④QQ飞车手游(speed drifters,This game lags behind many versions of Chinese servers.)

  7. I don't know why everytime I play action rpg I don't feel like I was fighting. the movement of your character your enemy and your skill look terrible even the graphics is top class and the skill effect is ultra.. Except for Hundred soul action rpg is different it very good in action I feel like in real fight especially when I fighting strong bosses.. Finally I found. Decent action rpg But too bad its not open world game and not a real time Gameplay.. 😒


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