Top 10 Best Games Like DIABLO on iOS and Android (OFFline / ONline)


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Top 10 Best Games Like DIABLO on iOS and Android

All of the games featured in video are best released so you can play them right away. Most games are free, but some are paid too, and free ones contains ads mostly, but all of them are very fun and worth trying. The list in not ranked in any particular order, so you can decide which game you find most appealing. Most game-play featured in video are from my device: Google Pixel.

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List Games :

🎮 Angel Stone
🎮 Arcane Quest Legends
🎮 Blade Bound
🎮 Exiled Kingdoms
🎮 Dungeon Hunter 5
🎮 Heretic Gods
🎮 Anima
🎮 Vengeance
🎮 Titan Quest
🎮 Eternium

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  1. Great Hack n Slash …. , but have been remove , no more available , Blade Bound , H.I.T _ Heroes of Incredible Tale , and my favorite of them all , Darkness Reborn 🔥
    but one question , why awesome games are been removed ?……

  2. Из всего списка только Titan quest можно назвать полноценной игрой. Все остальные игры, которые F2P, трудно назвать полноценными. Они заточены что бы давать играть нормально только до определенной степени а потом либо плати, либо гринди до умопомрачения. Жаль, что полноценных платных игр такого плана почти нет. Ту же Diablo 3 и Torchlight вполне можно было бы на смартфоны/планшеты портировать.

  3. I hate these mobile graphics and spawning mechanics. Feels so cheap. I wish they stick to baldurs gate/diablo2 graphics, old but food

  4. Great job, bro. I would like to add the excellent Lesabel that I could pass about two years ago, but for some reason it was removed from the playstore.

  5. Anima and Blade bound seems find to me, I love beautiful graphics and gameplay alike to Diablo and these two are somehow the best to me. But after unlock the tier 3 of Anima I get bored to this game, what I want is huge world that give me chances to discover more 😀

    Blade bound I did not test yet. Still seeking for best RPG hack n slack Diablo alike for my Redmi K20 Pro :/

  6. Your always promising and awsome youtuber that suggest games its super awsome i like it when you never clickbait

  7. Anima is my arpg of choice from the list tbh, feels the msot like an arpg.

    We will see what poe mobile and diablo immortal will bring to the table tho

  8. titan quest really is a must 🙂
    also have you already reviewed dungeon & evil???
    thankyou always for the gret list 🙂


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