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  1. Top 10 most interesting and customisable games
    1. Worms 4 (shame there is no REAL worms 5 with campaign editor, for lua you need algorithms)
    2. The Sims 3 (not 4, no tombs…)
    3. Spore (still good and has some mods)
    4. No Man Sky (IDK)
    5. SM64, Galaxy and HelloMario (Super Mario Builder is kinda more graphical piece of work than mario constructor…)
    6. Pac The Man X
    7. Heroes 3 (RPG editor?)
    8. Garry's mod
    9. Roblox
    10. MUGEN
    Other games (but not customisable)
    1. Jack Jack Rabbits
    2. Project Zero Death (Bluestack)
    3. Audiosurf
    4. Beat Hazard Ultra

    Also SFM and TF2 is good…
    Software that I enjoy the most:
    1. FL
    2. Sony Acid
    3. Particle Illusion and After Effects
    4. Flash, Illustrator
    5. Anime Studio
    6. 3dsmax
    7. SFM
    8. Logic Pro
    9. Windows Server, Mediafire filegrab, MEGA, Google's disk
    10. Winsize, programs to save session, make transparency, extend clipboard, use snap functions and multiple desktops

    Do you know any games or programs like these???

  2. 10. Rocket league
    9. Gang beast
    8. Journey
    7. The forest
    6. Jump Force
    5. Sniper Elite 4
    4. CoD WWII
    3. Road Redemption
    2. A way out
    1. Divinity: Original Sin 2


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