Top 10 NEW Secret Locations! (Call of Duty Mobile)


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Watch my first Call of Duty Mobile secrets video!

Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here back with, once again, a very special Call of Duty Mobile video! It’s about time I made this video…Top 10 Secret Locations in Call of Duty Mobile, part 2! These Call of Duty Mobile secrets and COD Mobile out of map glitches are secrets you DO NOT know about…they’re some of the most hidden and most complex ones in the game! Can you do them all? What’s the most difficult one for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Shoutout to fellow YouTuber IntenseReality who discovered two of these glitches, the two top-of-map glitches in Firing Range and Hijacked! His channel link is here, go check him out!

    Also FYI I mentioned to not do some of these in multiplayer servers. Do all the glitches in private servers! Never public or you can get banned! The other normal spots like Prop Hunt ones and the 1st one I showed you are fine and you can do those as much as you want in multiplayer! 😄

  2. You cant get banned for the first one I used it and never got banned and even iferg used it multiple times live on stream

  3. Lol, if you ever go tryhard, you might not use the laser sight, if you can’t hipfire, because of your settings lol

  4. "now tell me whose call check up the r
    tree and look for a basketball"

    maybe , all the 33k people that just watched this vid

  5. Can you friend request me on call of duty mobile pls my call of duty mobile name is jonepro I'm a pro player pls friend request me

  6. Hi Exxotik, you may remember me, but what would you say if I said I ALSO play Cod mobile? Would it be at all possible if we could chill and play sometime, idm whether its recorded or not. I'd just love to show you my skill and prove myself worthy to such a mobile game god. Id love to be able to play with you alot, and cant wait to play. I have already friend requested you, I am xd_Noobie. And as a bonus, I dont even play with a controller! 😂😇

    —Noobie, Bread

  7. Huh, is a long time since i played codm, you post why cheaters should be banned, and you cheat now, but at lease you do in non playable sever


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