Which backend coding language should I learn? #DevQandA


“Which Back-End programming Language should I learn? Java, .NET, PHP, Nodejs? There seems to be a high demand for Full Stack Developers in my city. I have studied Front-End Development for about 1 year and a half, but so far the only companies that reached out to me, were interested in full stack developers. I know HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, some minimum experience with React, a bit of Nodejs.”

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  1. This channel is fully just about advertising Microsoft products…. always.. c# or .net , visual studio etc…😶

  2. Hey, I am bit confused. I have been learning Java Spring Boot for backend development. But seeing the hype of Node.js I got confused. Also you told .NET is best among those. I wanted to know is Spring Boot dying? What would you advise.?

  3. I never use nodejs ecosystem for anything that handles money or critical. Unless you end up writing your own framework, the package quality, even for well known one, is hot garbage. We had to throw out socket.io library from a project because it turned out to be a major pain in the ass and just having breaking issues. And I'm not even talking dependency tree. We had over 1000 packages at first and we cleaned that out to something like 400 at the moment and we threw out some major packages because of shit quality (like we threw out Prometheus libs because there wasn't a single good one).

    Basically to make something quality, the amount of work to do is HUGE and it's expensive. Unless you literally roll in tech money or investment, you are not gonna pick nodejs as your tool as primary tool.

    I prefer php over nodejs.

  4. Thank you for the helpful tips. I just have two questions. Do .NET job interviews ask data structure and algorithm questions? And is undergraduate degree a must for getting into .NET development?

  5. I think this video could be a bit misleading to newbies. The question should really be which “Framework” should I learn and what programming language do I need to know in order to use it? For instance The Lavarel Framework uses the PHP language, Django uses Python and .Net mainly C# and also VB and F#.

  6. Sir I'm totally bignner in the backend programming so pls suggest me what I have to choose first ?and what after this?

  7. I am working as a SQL developer.
    Shall i go for web backend developer in future?
    Or is there any good suggestion for me from you.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi bro please help me out with my question
    As a sql developer what should I learn next? And suggest me about the career in sql

  9. Thanks
    For a movies and series website that displays a summary, photos, video and networks for viewing as prime video And shop
    What is the best front end and back end is suitable for it?
    Ror or what???

  10. The best coding career advice on the interwebs! You got me to switch to the Microsoft stack which I love, love, love.

  11. watched a few of your videos. Your channel is very impressive and you have completely sold me on C#. Was trying to decide between Python and C# to help with automation tasks with MS products like Excel. C# for the win


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