Your First Node.js Web Server


In this video I am going to walk you through all the steps necessary to create your very first Node.js web server. We will start at the very beginning with installing Node.js, and end with a fully functioning basic web server that serves HTML documents.

Download Node.js:

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  1. I had a problem with using 'node app.js' in the terminal as the command was not recognized. I reinstalled node js and it worked. Just in case anyone else is having this problem.

  2. Sir how to deploy the node js application on linux server ( frontend server: apache webserver, backend application : node , database mongodb ) using this ….
    Please help me out … If you have any videos or content please share with me … 🙏🙏

  3. Hi sir,at 3:44 you started the server by typing node filename how can I start this server from notepad++,or Sublime text editor and another question how can I use web server instead of local server.

  4. How can I link a css or JavaScript file inside my index file and get them running? Always when I reference some external file, I get an error…

  5. If we used JavaScript to make the website dynamic how would we get the JavaScript code to work on the html document you rendered from the server?

  6. hi, I just have a question… if I baught a domain, how do I make it that the port would not appear in the URL?

  7. Hi friend! I use macbook and for some reason it is not letting me open the file, is there any other way that I can do the project? using the sublime text

  8. The part that should show, when an error happens, does not work… It doesn't make sense to send a 200 before the error check is done. So the "fs.readFile" line (line 6) has to be moved inside the "if(error) {} else { " section. then you also get a proper error feedback.

  9. Little late to the party, but I recently began making webservers with NodeJS. Now I heard people talking about that you never use NODEJS as the http webserver? Is that true that you need something like nginx or Apache? And did you make a video on that?

  10. Just found your channel, I'm a python programmer and wanting to understand more about Node.js and JS in general, your content is really good! Keep it up!


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